Male Genital Hair Removal

Male genital hair removal can be done in several ways. Below is part 2 of an article on removing hair from private parts.

This part covers laser hair removal.

Part one of this article covers pubic hair removal via waxing.

To read about male pubic hair removal via shaving visit that page.

Male Genital Hair
Removal by Laser

If you don’t mind spending some extra dough to remove the hair in your genital area, then you could consider laser genital hair removal. Arguably this is the best option if you want to permanently remove the hair. However, you should definitely consider the cost. Not only is a single session somewhat pricey (at least $150), but you could require 4-8 sessions!(For listings of laser hair removal treatment centers near you, and links to local pricing visit that page.

Some may find having a complete stranger viewing your private parts as a potential drawback. This may or may not be an issue for you-depending on your personality. However, mostlaser hair removal specialists are very professional and you may be surprised that it is not as embarrassing and you imagined. There is also home laser hair kits you can buy, too.

How exactly does the process work? The laser permits melanin inside the follicles of hair, to take in heat from the laser. Melanin creates pigment in our hairs, and encompasses the hair follicle’s region that’s related to the hair’s ability to grow again.

After the hair follicles take in a sufficient amount of heat, the system responsible for the hair growing again becomes eternally damaged. After the funeral of the hair follicle, the hair itself falls out. And a replacement hair doesn’t form.

If your hair is lighter than the skin around it, then the skin will take in a larger amount of heat than the hair. So if you’re in that situation, then you should avoid the process oflaser hair removal.

If you want to remove the hair in your private parts, then consider several methods and read about them here to help you weigh the pros and cons before making your decision.

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