Scrotum Hair Removal

Scrotum hair removal is an interesting/odd thing to google, but I’m glad you did.

The article below covers penis, male private area and scrotum hair removal via waxing and laser hair removal. You can find a detailed 10-step article on male pubic hair removal via shaving on this page.

If you’re looking to use creams or lotions, check out this article on hair removal lotions and creams (but always read the manufacturers instructions. Many lotions and creams are not for private areas).

I’m a woman on my own personal hair removal journey, and if I felt self-conscious about the entire subject of hair removal for AGES. And now, I’m ready to be done with the embarrassment and cure (or at least cut down) on a lot of my hair bits. So, I’ve researched and put some articles together and am going to share my own stories with you, too. Naturally, I don’t have too much to personal experience on this subject, but I hope you find this article informative.

Waxing and Laser Removal
for Male Pubic Hair Removal

Do you want to remove the hair from your private parts, without needing to shave frequently? If so, then you should consider waxing and laser hair removal. As alternatives to shaving, these are two of the most common methods. Here’s everything you need to know about using either of the techniques:


More and more men have become interested in not only body waxing in general, but also waxing in “that” area. This is the male version of a “Brazilian.”

But you may have wondered: is the process safe?

In general, experts don’t recommend waxing in a man’s private parts–particularly the scrotum. The skin there stretches and if not done correctly can be painful and not very effective. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have it done safely and effectively. Typically, the service is available in salons (specializing in hair removal) located in large cities. 

When searching for a male “Brazilian”  service, there are a few cautions that you should take. First, do your homework to make sure that a salon provides the service safely and effectively.

A bad waxing can be a disaster, so make sure to choose a salon that knows that they’re doing. Along those lines, it’s crucial that you never try to perform a “Brazilian” on yourself. The right technician will have all the equipment and knowledge necessary to do it right.

Brazilian waxing for men will probably run you in the neighborhood of $75. The process is not nearly as embarrassing as you think.

Personally, when I had a bikini wax (not exactly the same for girls, but close), it was pretty painful, but the pain was quick. However, I did bleed, and had many ingrown hairs despite exfoliating properly and often. I seem to be more prone to ingrown hair than others. That’s why I’m opting to have laser hair removal.


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